A Whole Lotta Hustle

I did not want to be an entrepreneur.

I wanted a titled job (and/or a husband with one), a suburban house with a white picket fence, dinner on the table at 6:00, etc., etc.

But after 32 years of marriage/adulthood, I have to confess what many people who know me well will already know – I AM an entrepreneur. And I married an entrepreneur. We are both “creatives”. Which means the titled corporate job drives us mad and the suburban house with the white picket fence (which will, in all honestly, probably be red or green or some other gorgeous hue – I am a colorgirl), is a bit more of a challenge to come by. Dinner on the table at 6:00?? Well, now that we’re empty-nesters, dinner comes along whenever we look up from our studio tables. It’s a much more free-form and, quite frankly, insecure way of life than I thought I wanted.

But coming to peace with myself (and my husband) has been a great relief. The realization that we are creative entrepreneurs has given us a sense of purpose and direction that I have fought against for far too long. I am, instead, grateful for the opportunities and lessons that have come our way because of our entrepreneurial spirits. I wake up each day excited to learn something new, work on the next adventure, and use our talents and resources to create a life we can feel good about and enjoy. While I still have corporate-envy when it comes to things like a steady paycheck, insurance, and retirement benefits, I have a peaceful heart and feel a quiet determination to make a life we love in a creative way.