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Getting Started with Natural Yeast

What we call “sourdough starter” can also be called natural yeast. Basically it’s a leavening (or raising) agent for making baked goods. A good sourdough …
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Super Easy Sourdough Starter

If you’ve ever had a hard time finding baker’s yeast packets at your local grocery store, you may not realize you have another option. Sourdough …
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Pretzel Dip

A few years ago, my mom brought us this magical cheese dip with a bag of Bugles. My first thought was, “Bugles? I don’t think …
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My Happy Place – for Now

During this time when Garret and I are sharing an office/studio/gym space, I find myself occasionally needing a break. Garret has been co-located or worked …
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Happy Valentine’s Day

I recently took a cookie decorating class from Markie of Honey & Heart Cookie Co. I’m no stranger to icing cookies and Markie gave us …
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