Tuesday I had a super rough day. I’ve been facing some hard stuff the last couple of years and recently had an experience that set me off big time. I’ve been dealing with the fallout and working to sort through the emotions and lessons. Some days I handle it pretty well. Some days… not so much.

Tuesday was a “not so much.”

The amazing thing, though; God is real and He’s watching.

I know this because on that very day two people reached out randomly and literally said, “I see you and love you.” Neither person is what I would call a close friend. One is a friend from church, the other an associate at work. Both are good people that I rarely talk with. Partly because of seasons of life, partly because of hectic schedules, partly because I’m a retreater.

They didn’t ask for more information or try to get me to share. They just let me know I’m important to them. My co-worker did not accept my, “I’m fine, how are you?” She just looked at me a moment and then said, “Can I give you a hug and pray with you?” And then she did exactly that. Right there in the reception area. She let me know that I was important enough for her to stop everything and ignore the hustle for a moment to reach out.

I am forever grateful.

My dear church friend reached out through text. Again, no expectation. Literally just, “I see you. I’m concerned. I miss your smile. I am thinking of you and praying for you.” So simple. So huge.

Thank you.

It just doesn’t take much at all to let one another know that God loves us.

I’ve been terrible about it lately. The reaching out thing. I’ve been so overwhelmed and afraid and wrapped up in my family. Trying to hold onto what matters most. Life is not easy for any of us.

But those little tender mercies make it all worthwhile.

God is real and He loves you.

He loves me.

Day 8 of 25 Cards, 25 Days

This card was inspired by a paper artist I follow, Vicky Papaioannou at Clip-n-Cuts blog. I don’t yet have the stitched heart dies, so I just created it using my Silhouette. Simple, but fun. A great patterned paper makes all the difference!

Day 5 of 25 Cards, 25 Days

This little bear is a favorite embellishment this year. I’m hoping to find the perfect setting for him on one my cards this year. This isn’t really my favorite, but it was still fun to create.

Day 4 of 25 Cards, 25 Days

It’s hard to see the dimensional effect in this photo, but this card was super fun to make. I love using foam tape to add dimension and using embossed, stamped images to create backgrounds with interest.

Day 3 of 25 Cards, 25 Days

A little fun with masks and coloring. I love my Tombow Dual brush markers for shading and creating dimension. And the Tim Holtz Distress inks create the perfect blends for the sky!

Day 2 of 25 Cards, 25 Days


I love this snowy glitter paper – it was perfect for this lovely snowflake! The Darice Embossing folder created the perfect backdrop with the help from a little white ink.

Day 1 of 25 Cards, 25 Days

Since the holiday season can be hectic and distracting, I wanted to give myself the gift of time this year; time to create. When I am creating, I am able to focus my thoughts and feel peace. Besides, it’s fun!

This year I really wanted to make my own Christmas cards, but I wanted to make each one different and unique; unless I just fall in love with the design and can think of different color schemes and such to add interest. That’s the case with this cute card. I love the texture and natural colors of the ribbons! And, while it’s difficult to see, the gold star reflects the tiny gold specks in the ribbon I used for the trunk. I have some additional color ideas for this fun design that I will be testing in the next few days.

O Christmas Tree - Ribbon

Merry Christmas to all!

Simple Salsa Rojo

This Salsa Rojo has been a staple in our family for more than thirty years and has been my most requested recipe by far. Surprisingly simple, yet super tasty and versatile for those who want to add their own “secret ingredient” (read: jalapeno for a little heat, or green onion for a fresh spring flavor). I pretty much just keep a batch of this in the fridge at all times so we can use it on scrambled eggs in the morning, chicken nachos for lunch, and fish tacos for dinner. And it’s so much better than those usually too-sweet bottle sauces you get at the grocery. Give it a try!

Cori’s Simple Salsa Rojo

1 (14.5 oz.) can petite diced tomatoes
1 (4 oz.) can diced green chiles (Hatch is best)
1 lime
1 bunch cilantro
1 tsp. salt, or to taste

Add tomatoes and green chiles to bowl of a food processor or blender. Add juice of one lime up to approximately 1 tablespoon. Rinse leaves of cilantro and roughly chop top half of bunch; add to bowl. Add 1 tsp. salt. Pulse salsa 3 – 5 times to chop cilantro and incorporate ingredients together. Taste salsa and adjust ingredients as desired.