All About Me Teen Journal – Blush

Daily Journal for Teens

A simple prompted teen journal designed to help older kids and teens develop the habit of journaling.

  • 4 Months of Daily Pages
  • Creativity Pages
  • Instruction/Idea Page
  • List of Feelings Words
  • College-ruled Lines

The All About Me Teen Journal has just enough prompts to help jumpstart story-telling, while allowing plenty of room for personalization and creativity.

What’s Inside?

We have more photos of daily life than ever before. Teens daily take more photos of their lives than previous generations even dreamed of. But where are the stories about those photos? All About Me gives teens a place to think about and write the stories behind – or beyond – the photos, in their own words. Pages inside include:

  • How to Use This Journal: Helps teens understand how to bring their stories to life. A list of feelings words helps expand their efforts to express emotion.
  • About Me: Teens can share current details about themselves; age, school, favorites, etc. Includes space for a photo or drawing.
  • Daily Pages: More than four months worth of daily pages with prompts to jumpstart the writing process. Kids are encouraged to be aware of the weather and share their emotions. To help them learn perspective, teens are prompted to share one “sweet”, one “sour”, and a little story about the day. At the end of each daily page is a space for gratitude.
  • Creative Pages: Every seven days is a creative page for teens to add photos, drawings, or additional details about special days.

Please note: Most ballpoint pens, gel and archival pens, many highlighters, pencils, crayons, and colored pencils, will work great in your new journal. However, some markers and inks may bleed through the pagesTherefore, we recommend testing pens/inks on a back page before using them.