My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner

journal and planner

Journal + Planner in One

Perfect for managing your schedule, and keeping a simple record of each day.

  • 12-Month Overview
  • 6 Monthly Planners
  • 26 Weekly Planner Pages
  • 6 Months of Daily Planning and Journaling Pages

The My Heartistic Life Journal and Planner™ is an undated, six-month journal and planner that includes yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages, plus a little room for journaling each day.

What’s Inside?

This innovative journal and planner hybrid has the basic tools needed to plan and record your day simply and quickly. That means you have more time to participate in, and remember, more of the things that matter most.

  • Yearly Overview: Provides twelve months of undated calendar grids for writing important dates or notes. Undated grids allow you to start your journal any time and track of a year’s worth of special events over just a few pages.
  • Monthly Overview: Get a little more detailed with plans and goals. A simple layout offers structure for planning, with room for personalization. Monthly Overview spreads are grouped in the front of the planner. This unique layout allows for uninterrupted daily journaling.
  • Weekly/Daily: Twenty-six 10-page spreads each include a Looking Forward planning page, seven Daily pages, a dot grid page for extra journaling or planning, and a Weekly Review page for reflection and intentional preparation.
  • Daily: Pages for tracking Mood/HealthWeather, daily Schedule/Appts, and Tasks. In addition, each Daily page has room for simple day-to-day journaling, including a gratitude or two.

Please note: Most ballpoint pens, most gel and archival pens, many highlighters, pencils, and colored pencils, will work great in your new journal. However, some markers and inks may bleed through the pagesTherefore, we recommend testing pens/inks on a back page before using them on the daily pages.